Proposal to Add Emoji: Face With One Eyebrow Raised

Update 2020-02-02: In late 2015, I proposed the emoji “Face With One Eyebrow Raised” to the Unicode Consortium for inclusion into the Unicode standard. The emoji was accepted and included into the standard, and Time Magazine published an article about the inclusion process (my five minutes of fame). This page documents the proposal and the media coverage.



Update: On 2015-11-14, the proposal has been added to the Current UTC Document Register of 2015 as L2/15-325. You might want to download the document there.


The “Face With One Eyebrow Raised” Emoji Mockups created by Maximilian Merz:

To the extent possible under law, Maximilian Merz has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to “Face With One Eyebrow Raised” Emoji Mockups. This work is published from: Germany.


All dates according to Berlin’s timezone.


Press Coverage

Unicode 10 and Vendor Implementation


Feel free to contact me via the email address given in the proposal document.