A few days ago, I came across the blog post Prepper-style music hoarding by Tom MacWright and subsequently got lost in his website and really liked it!

So I updated this website in a few places to reflect the fact that it’s 2020, stole Tom’s “reading” page, and will try to follow his advice of writing on a schedule by also stealing the “Recently” posts – but I’m calling them “Update” because I’m a very unique snowflake. This will be the first of these posts! (And, honestly, probably also the last one.)

Yesterday I installed the powerline10k prompt and destroyed everything in the process, which led to me spending the rest of the weekend on my zsh config. Now it works again and I mostly like it, even though I get the feeling that my prompt got a thousand times more complex and even though it seems that occasionally, I have to press ctrl+C after a command finishes in order for the prompt to return.

While I went through the configuration file for powerline10k, I googled everything it has support for; and one of those tools is timewarrior, a command line time tracker. I’m using that now to track my time and I like it and if I manage to write another post on here in a few weeks, I’ll write about whether I’m still using it then.